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Whether you're looking for a NEW or USED Scooter Lift, or just needing to RENT a Lift, you're in the right place!

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Scooter Lifts for Vehicles

About Sun City Scooter Lifts

Scooter Lifts allow you to enjoy going to the movies, shopping malls, parks, baseball stadiums, grocery stores, visits with friends, or explore open spaces. We represent America's best manufacturer's of platform lifts and scooter wheelchair lifts that are strong, durable, versatile and easy to use.

Please let us know whether you have a SUV, Station Wagon, Van, Car (outside Trailer Hitch or Trunk). We need to know the year, make and model of your vehicle: Acura AM General Aston Martin Audi Bentley BMW Buick Cadillac Chevy Chevrolet Chrysler Daewood Dodge Ford GM GMC Honda Hyundai Infinity Isuzu Jaguar Jeep Kia Land Rover Lexus Lincoln Mazda Mercedes Mercury Mitsubishi Nissan Oldsmobile Plymouth Pontiac Saab Saturn Subaru Suzuki Toyota Volkswagen Volvo. Also, many manufacturer's will issue you a Mobility Reimbursement if you purchase a vehicle lift: up to $1,000 from GM, Ford, Daimler/Chrysler, Saturn, Toyota and Volkswagen under the terms of their mobility programs.

Handicap Wheelchair and Scooter Car Vehicle Lifts Inside lifts are designed to work in most car trunks, SUV's, Van's and Hatchbacks. This type of lift would be mounted inside the trunk, back of the van (sometimes a seat has to be removed) and then wired to the vehicle battery for power. Please allow our staff ro review the specifications to see what your options are with your vehicle and mobility unit. Many models from Bruno Scooter Lifts return your mobility product into the trunk of your car or back of your van. We also need to know if you can handle any lifting or pushing yourselves and whether you have a friend, family or caregiver usually there to assist you.

Handicap Wheelchair and Scooter Car Vehicle Lifts  Outside lifts are designed to be installed onto a class 2 or class 3 hitch mounted on the back of a car, truck or van. On many small compact cars this will not work. These outside lifts are the easiest to use because there is minimum exertion required from the owner. Many people choose the swing away option to swing the outside lift to the side to provide access to the back of your vehicle. Most of the units we recommend are attached to a hitch on the back of your vehicle (like the Silver Star Sun City Car Lift or Harmar Sun City  Wheelchair Vehicle Lift.

Most units have to wired into your existing vehicle battery system. Many of the units today have a built-in battery charger; and all you do is plug in the charger periodically to charge the built in batteries.

Wheelchairs and Scooters that are located inside your vehicle the Vehicle Lift usually consists of a pole that swivels the unit into your vehicle. You then have to manually swivel the scooter inside the vehicle or into the cargo area, so you have to talk to our staff to see if you have the necessary space in your vehicle.

Many units do not work well or at all with compact cars. Sometimes the seat has to be removed in Vans to allow for more space. Many vehicle lift units also have a maximum weight capability. The vehicle lift we select has to be verified for a perfect fit before you order.

There are also "BackPacker" type Lifts that usually have a large platform that is lowered to the ground behind your vehicle; secured into place, and then raised back into the cargo area or your van or hatchback or SUV.

For those one a real budget, we may have a USED unit at 1/2 OFF! Also many times a portable lightweight aluminum Ramp is the customer's choice.

  Outlander Scooter Lift Outlander DE Exterior Lift Outlander XL exterior lift
    Outlander Full Platform Exterior Lift Outlander DE Exterior Lift Outlander XL Exterior Lift  
    The Outlander Full Platform Exterior Lift is designed to provide a durable, easy-to-use system to take your scooter or power chair with you.   The Outlander DE Exterior Lift's easy drive on design takes the hassle out of loading your scooter in busy parking areas.   The Outlander XL Exterior Lift makes loading and unloading your scooter fast and simple.  

    Outlander Exterior Lift   Outlander Exterior Lift Mini   Outlander TM Exterior Lift  
    Outlander LP Outlander LP Mini Outlander TM Exterior Lift  
    The Outlander LP Exterior Vehicle Lift is a low-profile lift for consumers with Cl The Outlander LP Mini Exterior Lift is specifically designed for the weight limitations of Class II vehicles for use with 10" mid-wheel drive power chairs. The Outlander TM requires little to no modification of your vehicle and allows for easy removal.  

    Commander 400   Backpacker Plus   Backpacker Plus  
    Commander 400   Backpacker® Plus Interior Lift   Backpacker® AVP  
    The Commander 400 Exterior Lift offers maximum durability in an easy-to-use system for fast loading and unloading.   Enhanced construction and a fresh new look give the Backpacker® Plus the quality you expect and deserve.   The Backpacker® AVP is engineered to be a perfect fit for a variety of vehicles, including SUVs.  

    Olympan AutoLift   Rubber Threshold Ramps   Single-Fold Ramps  
    Olympian AutoLift   Rubber Threshold Ramps   Single-Fold Ramps  
    The Olympian AutoLift is highly adjustable with sophisticated engineering, fits most vehicles and is easily transferable.   Rubber Threshold Ramps provide a durable, safe means of navigating uneven household surfaces including small steps and doorways.   Single-fold ramps offer a reliable solution for transitioning curbs, thresholds and other obstacles.  

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